Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Healthy Treats!

All I can think about is the following...so I'm just going to write some light stuff about my new Mothers Day gift!

I've been blessed with such a loving & generous husband!! It's not Mothers Day until this coming Sunday but I was showered with gifts last Sunday because my hubby just couldn't bare the suspense! He's so funny, he has to give me my gifts early! Maybe to make me feel extra lucky!

So among other wonderful gifts, I got a blender! Something I've always wanted but have forgotten to ask for every year! So many people have blenders these days, sometimes put to use, but mostly collecting dust in the back of the cupboard!!

I've always been a big fan of 'boost juice' but have had to be careful in the past as they can be quite taxing on the wallet! So....now that I have my awesome blender, I can make fresh smoothies & ice crushes from home. My favorite so far would have to be my "Watermelon Berry Blast'. It consists of - watermelon, mixed frozen berries (strawberries, blackberries, cherries & blueberries but you can choose your own I guess) 1 pink lady apple, a handful of grapes, some lemon juice, apple juice & chopped mint crushed with ice cubes. It is so refreshing & tasty...and the health benefits are endless!

Tonight, I made Cannelloni & shared it with my Hubby's sister & her kids. They loved it!! But the special treat made my 8yr old niece's eyes almost pop out of her head! She really enjoyed tossing all the solid ingredients into the jug & watching it blend to a liquid desert! It's funny though, I bet if I told her it was good for her she wouldn't want it! So I made it seem like the most indulgent desert around! She wanted more!

It was a great feeling....to clean up & then relax knowing everyone in the room had tummies full of delicious, healthy food!

Feel free to try my super yummy treat, I know you won't be disappointed!
And if you're blender is sad & dusty, get it out!! USE IT! There are so many wonderful things to make with it!

Thank-you Lee for my present...It will last years & it was the perfect gift!


  1. It looks lovely. I will have to dust my blender off.Yummy!

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